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Non profit Foundation for Post Mortem research of prematurely deceased cockpit- & cabin crew members  and airline passengers


Has a colleague or fellow traveller suddenly died?

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Request for Autopsy

Please submit a request when someone you know has died suddenly, during or after a flight. We have a mobile team available to be on site within 24 hours inside Europe.

We also mediate in organising a post mortem, on behalf of the family concerned, by organising local experts and facilities in other parts of the world.

There will be costs involved and the Foundation will not always have sufficient funding to pay for the research itself. In these cases a financial contribution is asked for by the family itself.

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Initial research has indicated a possible correlation between long term low level exposure to contaminated bleed air in jet aircraft and subsequent observed damage to the brain, heart and Peripheral Nervous System. This foundation is created to further research on what has become known as the Aerotoxic Syndrome.

Ikaros Foundation is in the proces of registering as a tax-deductable organisation under Dutch law.

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Our Board

Our board members each have their own expertise to be able to participate and regulate the research program.

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Our research will be a joint international effort of different scientific institutions to contribute funding and work done by specialists.

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Our research still needs funding. Donations can be done by bank: Triodos bank.

IBAN: NL04 TRIO 0788 7922 29

Bic of Swift: TRIONL2U 

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Email: info@ikaros.amsterdam
Phone: +31 35 30 30 100
Chamber of Commerce 75867729

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